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Want quick results?


Be Activated is a clinical treatment that will unlock your muscle strength, power and flexibility instantly.


Douglas Heel Be Activated take a look at the website


You will feel an immediate change to the way you walk, move, sit, stand and run.



"I went for a run today and for the first time in a year my knees didn't hurt and I felt really good - I reckon it's all down to the muscle activation.  I think it's fantastic - thank you." Claire (aged 30).


"I have been having pain in my left wrist and right hamstring for a number of months. After two sessions I can say that the pain in my wrist has gone and I am experiencing just 10% of the pain which I have been in my hamstring.

I would strongly recommend the technique to anyone with any kind of injury." Katie (aged 40).


Be Activated was recently featured in Runner's World - "reconnecting your brain and muslces could unlock unused capacity and super-charge your perfomance."