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Clinical Pilates is a 1:1 or 2:1 session, it is advisable if you are recovering from an injury, have a back, neck, shoulder issue or have been regularly seeing a health professional for treatment.


Initially a full postural assessment is taken so that advice can be given to improve your posture and find out which exercises are going to be the most beneficial. Often it is muscle imbalance that is causing the pain and stiffness, by lengthening and strengthening the correct muscles the symptoms can be alleviated, sometimes completely.


"After doing an initial 8 week beginners course in Feb/March 2011, I have been having regular one-to-one sessions with Jeni. The sessions have been designed specifically to meet my needs. The results have been fantastic - my posture has improved and my back pain has gone. I've found Jeni not only immensely professional and knowledgeable, but also good fun and a complete pleasure to work with." Sarah


During our everyday life we develop poor movement/muscle patterns which over time become a 'habit', for example: sitting hunched at computer, a slouched driving position, bending forward with the legs straight etc. By retraining the body and mind we can change this 'habit' to a more efficient way of moving and exercising pain free.  


Clients are advised that in booking an appointment/course they are reserving a time exclusively for their session. We require twenty-four hours (one working day) notice for cancellation of any appointment to avoid incurring the full cost of the booked session.

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