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Do you have back ache?

Want to reduce your joint pain?

Improve stress levels?

Have more energy?

Then try Pilates!


We believe that everyone deserves to lead a happy and active life free from pain, aches and injury. Our passionate and experienced instructors go the extra mile to ensure you see changes quickly with individual advice throughout our sessions.

Our studios offer a friendly, calm and welcoming environment where anyone can feel comfortable to exercise regardless of age, shape or ability.

We are proud to be one of the largest dedicated suppliers of Pilates classes in Sheffield.

"I started my Pilates over 4 years ago because of back pain and tingling down the nerves in my leg. It was part of my rehabilitation programme. Pilates has meant I no longer suffer from these symptoms, it has made such a difference. I will always be grateful to Jeni and her team for helping me recover." Elizabeth V.


"Since having individual session, my posture and flexibility has improved considerably, as had my golf swing. Becuase of a history of back problems, I probably would not be playing at all if it weren't for Pilates." John (aged 70)


"Whereas other treatments have soon outlived the usefulness, Pilates has provided a long-term solution for keeping niggling aches and pains at bay. I keep coming back for more." Kay (aged 50)