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"Within a couple of weeks my shoulder and neck aches were lessening and I had far fewer headaches, after several months I rarely had a headache or other aches---two years in I'm feeling great and rarely take painkillers." Jackie


" I was diagnosed with a back injury in 2002.I now look upon Pilates as my daily medicine rather than drugs. Not only has Pilates greatly improved my back pain management but also has enabled me to lose weight and improve my posture." Valerie

"I began Pilates sessions a couple of years ago when I was struggling with pain from arthritis and stiffness/pain from a previous lower back injury. I have found the weekly sessions both enjoyable and very helpful. I am now more flexible, energetic and more able to manage any pain or stiffness that occurs. I thoroughly recommend Pilates as a way of enabling you to understand your own body and its strengths and weaknesses. Pilates also lifts the spirit." Anni (aged 59)


"I have found my 'twingy' back no longer causes any problems since coming to Pure Pilates - I feel my back is safe, as I take core stability seriously."Jean

"I suffer much less general lower back discomfort now and don't feel like I will put my back out in a hurry, which I have done twice in the years of doing yoga/climbing and running.I know it's anecdotal but I also climb better now, due to better leg/core strength and my rotator cuffs are more stable not being so round shouldered."Louise (aged 40)



" Pilates has definitely improved my back pain and mobility. I could barely get out of bed without feeling it. Gradually I have built up the strength in my core muscles." Sally