Be Activated

Be Activated is a clinical treatment developed by Douglas Heel that uses simple, yet effective techniques to re-activate energy patterns within our muscles. This instantly unlocks muscle strength, power and flexibility and brings the body into perfect balance.

When the body goes through any stress or trauma (both emotional and/or physical) it prioritises where and how our energy is used. 

This enables us to deal with highly stressful experiences. However, the way in which our body compensates over a long period of time has a negative impact and can weaken the body. This leads to fatigue and eventually chronic pain and reduced function. 

Be Activated brings our bodies back into stasis by powerfully switching on muscle patterns deactivated whilst under stress. This gently reminds the body that it has the ability to heal and rebalance on its own. A stress-free body has the ability to return to working to full capacity and with revitalised energy.

Be Activated is simple to teach and offers a powerful tool to empower yourself in taking control over your own health. At Jeni Ferguson Pilates, we are trained in Be Activated technique and use it to compliment the effectiveness of Pilates.