Jeni Ferguson

Jeni has always been passionate about the relationship between the body and the mind and acknowledges that in this there exists an embodied wisdom available to everyone.

When she first discovered Pilates, Jeni knew instantly that she could use Pilates as a form of exercise to enable others to tap into their body’s internal wisdom, and use it as a form of self-empowerment.
This intention was further confirmed when she kept on meeting people who had tried Pilates, but had been taught it incorrectly leading to injury (rather than enabling recovery). This motivated her to train to the highest level in modern Pilates, and 20 years later, is now one of the most experienced and sought after Pilates instructors in South Yorkshire.
Throughout this vast experience of teaching Pilates, Jeni has developed her own methods and style.

Her background in dance informs her approach in Pilates by integrating the use of technique to support the individual in the most effective way.

Jeni has helped hundreds of clients in and around Sheffield and teaches one-to-one clinical sessions, as well as small group sessions. She also mentors other Pilates instructors and supports individuals to train in Pilates, being their mentor and coach.

Clinical session clients include professional footballers, people with back problems and athletes.

Jeni’s Pilates qualifications include
Other qualifications & experience