Success Stories

Read what our clients have to say about their experience at Jeni Ferguson Pilates.

“I was recommended to do 12 months of Pilates to help recover from major abdominal surgery. Two and a half years later, I still attend every week! Not only did it help my body regain strength after surgery, but it’s made me so much more aware of my posture and the areas of strength and weakness within my body.” 

– Amy (aged 30)

“I started my Pilates over four years ago because of back pain and tingling down the nerves in my leg. It was part of my rehabilitation programme. Pilates has meant I no longer suffer from these symptoms, it has made such a difference. I will always be grateful to Jeni and her team for helping me recover.”

– Elizabeth V. 

“Since having individual sessions, my posture and flexibility has improved considerably, as has my golf swing. Because of a history of back problems, I probably would not be playing at all if it weren’t for Jeni Ferguson Pilates.”

– John (aged 70)

“Whereas other treatments have soon outlived their usefulness, Pilates has provided a long-term solution for keeping niggling aches and pains at bay. I keep coming back for more.”

– Kay (aged 50)

“I’d started to get aches and pains, following previous injuries and a lifetime of awful posture. During one-to-one with Jeni, I learned some basics about Pilates and to my amazement in the first session, I found out how to correct my posture, and how to move muscles correctly which has helped to lessen pain. I’m able to practice my exercises (like a Martini, anytime, anywhere), without anyone noticing. I have already recommended Jeni Ferguson Pilates to friends.”

– Beverley (aged 51)