You do not need to bring anything, mats and any equipment used is provided.

Something comfortable that you can easily move in, although not to loose clothing as the instructor needs to be able to check alignment. Shoes are not worn during the class, socks or bare feet it’s down to personal preference. How long is a class? All group classes are 60 minutes.

Water is available across all three studios and in main reception.  Drink making facilities too if clients are early or need a refreshment afterwards.

Group Matwork and Reformer classes last for one hour. Initial clinical sessions last one hour, and any follow up sessions, 45 minutes.

Everybody! Anyone wishing to improve their fitness, posture and appearance. It is ideal for those with back problems, weak abdominals, stress incontinence, poor posture, osteoporosis, arthritis, sciatica, hip replacement and knee replacements, to name just a few conditions it can be beneficial for. Pilates is also excellent as an additional form of exercise for runners, sports people, dancers, and especially golfers, who will benefit from increased flexibility and core stability.

Pilates retrains the mind and body to work efficiently without tension. Stamina and co-ordination is improved as the body comes into balance and alignment, and subsequently the immune system is stimulated. The general level of health of the client often improves because the internal organs now sit and function correctly.

Pilates can also help improve sleep patterns, tension in the neck and shoulders and relieve stress.

Clinical Pilates is recommended to assess injury and tailor a specific programme for recovery before attending a small group course. Pilates is an ideal form of rehabilitation, due to the focus of the form being upon abdominal/spinal muscles and alignment.

Pilates is often recommended by physiotherapists, doctors, consultants, health practitioners, and chiropractors for rehabilitation from injury or purely for general well-being.

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